Let’s make friends with the robots

Let's make friends

In his session Where the robots work, James Bridle led a provocative and inspiring talk about the role of robots in today’s society, and why he thinks we should make friends with them – sooner rather than later. The proposition at the heart of James’ talk was the idea that for centuries we’ve built our … Continue reading

The fruits of Media Sandbox

Run by Watershed in Bristol, Media Sandbox 2010 was set up to award a series of £10,000 commissions to stimulate innovation in public services and support research and development in innovative content, applications and experiences using open data. The projects commissioned were not primarily charged with producing services or tools for audiences directly. From what … Continue reading

Transparency and open data is great, but is it enough?

A Planetary Order by Martin John Callanan (2009)

Liz Turner from iconomical has been involved in some really quite good public service open data projects in the last few years, including Where does my money go?, Research funding explorer and the London Gazette. Each of these projects ticks the boxes of a good open data project. They make non-personal public information more accessible … Continue reading

The train to FutureEverything 2011

Train by MichelKuik on Flickr

So, it must be that time of year again. I’m on the train up to Manchester to get my annual dose of all things art-tech at FutureEverything 2011. The countryside is whizzing past the window, Talking Heads are on the ipod and I’m attempting to catch up with the gazillion emails in my in-box from … Continue reading