The train to FutureEverything 2011

So, it must be that time of year again. I’m on the train up to Manchester to get my annual dose of all things art-tech at FutureEverything 2011. The countryside is whizzing past the window, Talking Heads are on the ipod and I’m attempting to catch up with the gazillion emails in my in-box from FutureEverything HQ.

What am I looking forward to?

The art programme is generally my first point of call when it comes to FutureEverything and this year the theme of the central exhibition explores a new area of creative practice that I wrote quite a lot about last year on the Axis blog – art and data. Entitled Data Dimension, this year’s exhibition explores how artists and designers are approaching the immaterial world of data. Sounds good to me.

Looking at the info available online, the work included in the exhibition spans from an installation that uses a Neurosky EEG headset to project visitor’s personal brain wave activity, data visualisations making sense of day-to-day life, the weather and topical news stories, old masterpieces analysed for their nutritional content and talking trees. You can find out more about the Data Dimension exhibition here, and I’ll be posting my own review on Life | Art | Us in the next couple of days too.

The conference

This year’s conference probably offers the most focused programme that I’ve seen from the FutureEverything team – ever.

FutureEverything 2011

FutureEverything 2011

The kind of themes and ideas up for discussion look great and include, emotional computing, the integration of digital culture within urban environments, future mobilities and open data. Here’s a quick list of the sessions that I’m most looking forward to:

So, my train’s just arrived in Manchester and I’m off to see a sneak preview of the Data Dimension exhibition. Check back soon if any of this wonderful stuff takes your fancy!

– claire_w – (Follow me on twitter)

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